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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Central Government employees are eligible for 3% DA but Government granted only 2% DA.

The Government assured that allowance committee will submit its report within 4 months. 

In spite of, completion of 4 months the committee has not submitted its report. Central government employees became,anger seeing the above.

FNPO cannot be a mere silent spectator after
Seeing employees anger, therefore FNPO and its affiliates have organised Protest week from 12th -19th December 2016.

Appeal to all Divisional/ Circle Secretaries,Model letter of Governor, Copy of the letter to be submit Prime Minister & Reasons for protest week with programmes.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

(Affiliated to INTUC  & UNI Geneva)

No FNPO/CCC/AGN/2016                                                                                 Date    01/12/2016

Dear Sri. Theagarajan,

The Circle Co-ordination Committee of FNPO Kerala is in hectic activities for the success of the Protest Week from 12/12/2016 to 19/12/2016.

Regarding the 16 point Charter of Demands, the rank and file is expressing their concern over the lack of demand of five day week for operative staff.

Hence action from your end is requested for inclusion of the demand of five day week for operative staff too in the charter of demands.

                                              Thanking you

                                                 Yours faithfully

                                                                              (Johnson D Avokkaran)                                            
                                                  Circle Secretary & General Convener  FNPO, Kerala

Copy to:

Sri. D Kishan Rao, General Secretary, NAPE Group ‘C’ for iformation.

                                                                             (Johnson D Avokkaran)                                            
                                                   Circle Secretary & General Convener  FNPO, Keral

Monday, December 5, 2016


4th CPC increase Minimum pay 27.6%

5thCPC  increase Minimum pay 31.0%

6th CPC increase Minimum pay 54.0%

7th CPC increase Minimum pay 14.29%only

The MOF clearly indicates no changes in minimum pay at present.

FNPO cannot be a mere silent spectator after
Seeing this news, therefore, FNPO affiliates organize Protest week from 13th 19th December 2016

Observance of the Protest week from 13 th to 19th December 2016 by FNPO affiliates. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The reasons for the protest week& Present status of the committees.

Dear  colleagues,

You are aware FNPO and its affiliated unions have decided to observe protest week from 12th to 19th December 2016.

The reasons for the protest week:

On 30th June 2016 & 06th July 2016 Group Of Ministers called our NJCM leaders and gave assurance that a High-Level Committee will examine the 7th CPC issues, mainly the Minimum Wage and Multiplying Factor. Based  on the assurance, the JCM Constituent deferred the Strike action on 06th July 2016.

Accordingly, the following committees were constituted .

1)  Committee to examine the 7th CPC issues mainly the Minimum Wage and Multiplying Factor: The committee met once and the outcome of the meeting not known.

2)  Allowance Committee: Met once they discussed HRA & other allowances, but no commitment from the official side. Committee chairman conducted the meeting with all Departments. On 03/11/2016, a meeting was conducted under the Chairmanship of Finance Secretary & Secretary (Expenditure) with regard to postal department. During the meeting India Post Chairman, Postal board, Member (P), DDG (Esst.), DDG (P) & Director (Esst.) were present. Secretary Generals of the three Federations represented the staff side.

The Department of Posts submitted a proposal for retaining the  following allowances.

·       Fixed Monetary Compensation to Postman.

·       Special Allowance to PO & RMS Accountants.

·       Cycle allowance to Postman.

·       Cash handling and Treasury allowance.

·       Headquarter allowance

·       Fixed Medical allowance.

·       Overtime Allowance

After a long discussion on the revision of above allowances, the Finance Secretary  asked to 
furnish the quantum of Fund required by the Department of Post to meet the Expenditure. Our departmental officers who were present at the meeting agreed to give the required fund details. According to our information, our department has sent the details to the Finance Secretary.

Let us hope that Finance Ministry will agree to our Departments proposal.

3) Anomaly committee was constituted department vice.

4) NPS Committee: According to our information the committee is constituted but no official information.

5) Pension option committee: To examine the feasibility to implement option -1 

Now four months have lapsed, we are yet to know the committees decision on the issues of Minimum Wage, Pay Fixation Formula, Allowances and National Pension system (NPS) etc. as on date

. Besides these, after implementing the 7th CPC (only pay), the Government is accepting all the recommendations affecting the employees one by one such as the benchmark for MACP from “GOOD” to VERY GOOD” which has created unrest in the minds of every employee.

FNPO cannot be a mere silent spectator after reading the employees mind, therefore FNPO and its affiliated unions have decided to observe protest week from 12th to 19th December 2016.

We request all Divisional / Circle secretaries to go through the programs and make it a grand success.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Withdrawal of cash from bank deposit accounts - Relaxation


November 28, 2016

The Chairman / Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer,
Public Sector Banks/ Private Sector Banks / Foreign Banks /
Regional Rural Banks / Urban Cooperative Banks/
State Cooperative Banks/ District Central Cooperative Banks

Dear Sir,
Withdrawal of cash from bank deposit accounts - Relaxation

It has been reported that certain depositors are hesitating to deposit their money into bank accounts in view of the current limits on cash withdrawals from accounts.

2. As it is impeding active circulation of currency notes, it has been decided, on careful consideration, to allow withdrawals of deposits made in current legal tender notes on or after November 29, 2016 beyond the current limits; preferably, available higher denomination bank notes of ₹ 2000 and ₹ 500 are to be issued for such withdrawals.

Yours faithfully,
(P Vijaya Kumar)

Chief General Manager